Handmade Pasta Near Me

One of the Best Places to Find Fresh Homemade Pasta in Toronto

Are you visiting or living in Toronto and want to experience that great taste of fresh handmade Italian pasta? Just pick up some Noodle Perfect Pasta and sauces. These fresh, handmade pasta and sauces are quickly becoming local favorites. Lovers of fresh homemade pasta in Toronto know that we offer a dedication to quality and taste that many other options are lacking. Noodle Perfect makes each order by hand so that you can have your vacation to Italy from the comfort of your own home. Of course, served with cheese, and a glass of wine.

Check out our fresh, handmade pasta and sauces either in-store or online. We make pasta with whole ingredients, and hand –cut. What do we offer? Noodle Perfect offers Linguine, Agnolotti, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Farfalle, Pomodoro sauce, Tomato Cream sauce, pesto sauce, Alfredo sauce, and spicy Pomodoro. We have been making pasta for years for friends and family, and want to share our love of fresh pasta with people all over Toronto. 

With years of experience making homemade pasta in Toronto, we are passionate about spreading joy by offering great food. We handcraft every order to assist you in bringing the magic of hand-cut pasta and fresh sauce into your home. While there are other places where you could find tasty fresh pasta, Noodle Perfect is unique as we make each small batch with love by hand.

​Pasta is a favourite meal for many. However, making it fresh at home can be very labor-intensive and stressful, especially if you don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. If you’re searching options for “handmade pasta near me”, we can help. Noodle Perfect is unique, as every noodle is hand-cut for a texture that can't be achieved with a machine. The addictive and flavourful sauces make each dish even more crave worthy. You can buy in store to take home, or you can place your order from our site and let us deliver straight to you.