How do I place an order?

1) Order online

2) Email us at noodleperfect@gmail.com

3) Shop in store or online at Coco Market in Summerhill, Toronto (shopcoco.ca)

When will my order be delivered?


Orders are scheduled based on available delivery times and location. Once your order is place, and payment is received, we will reach out shortly after with your delivery date and time options. To request a specific delivery time, or inquire about availability, please reach out to noodleperfect@gmail.com

How long do I cook the pasta for?


Every order comes with instructions for cooking. Typically the pasta takes between 2-6 minutes depending on the shape. 

Should I thaw the pasta before cooking?

The stuffed pasta and Gnocchi should be cooked from frozen. This ensures that the noodles don't stick together in the thawing process. Since pasta is made fresh and frozen immediately, cooking directly from from the freezer will allow for the freshest tasting pasta. All non stuffed noodles (Farfalle, Linguine, Pappardelle) MUST be thawed at least 1 hour before cooking.