Best Pasta Toronto

Top Pasta Spots in Toronto

There are so many amazing restaurants in Toronto, and we have been inspired by many of them over the years. Below we share some essential spots where you can dine-in for incredible Italian food. These are some of the best places where you can get fresh homemade pasta within Toronto. During this time, you may be dining out less, or just want to spend more time at home. Perhaps you realized that cooking at home is much more rewarding than you thought! When you are looking for restaurant quality food that you can make yourself in less than 10 minutes, Noodle Perfect is there to fill your bellies with the good stuff. But for those times when you want to head out on the town, below are a couple of our favourite places where you will find the best fresh pasta in Toronto. 


Starting its operation in 2009, it has been recognized as an international celebrity for offering some of the best pasta in Toronto. They have found inspiration for their dishes from the classic taste of Italian delicacies. They offer some classic fresh pasta dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara, or some more unique ones like pasta stuffed with goose, & cauliflower. They use seasonal ingredients, so the menu is always changing and always worth the visit. Besides their fresh pasta and sauces, you can also dig into their house-cured meats or pizza. 


Terroni is another one of Toronto's more well-known Italian restaurants. There are multiple locations around the city, but the Summerhill location is our favourite. Not only is the restaurant located inside a beautiful red brick building on the corner of Price and Yonge St, making it a great walking destination, but the patio is one of the best (if not THE best) in Toronto. We love their handmade pasta and sauces, but the star of the show is their house made spicy sausage they add to some of their fresh pasta dishes. Their fresh pasta is always a go-to when you are visiting any of their locations. Definitely a must if you are in the mood for quick service, perfectly al dente pasta, and rich, flavourful sauces. ​

Noodle Perfect

Noodle Perfect fresh handmade pasta and sauces are made from whole, pure ingredients that bring the goodness of Italy into your home. Through our love of cooking and hand crafting a variety of pasta and sauces, we transform your kitchen into an Italian restaurant. Dinner has never been easier, or more special, with fresh handmade pasta and sauces that are easy to execute and incredibly delicious. Our fresh pasta, local delivery, and unbeatable service make us the kind of place you’ll want to buy from again and again.